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Everything you need is right at your fingertips. You can keep all your patterns labeled and organized in one place. You can easily shop for new patterns, add them to your library, and quickly order all the yarn and other supplies you need in just a few clicks! Patterndipity even tracks your progress for each pattern you are working on and brings you right to where you left off whenever you continue with your project, so you’ll never lose you place again! Your order history, pattern library, tool inventory, and project photos are available with you all the time; just throw it in your yarn bag and go!

Every single pattern in your Patterndipity® library is protected for life. You can archive them for future retrieval, but never lose them. Even if your Patterndipity® tablet ever gets lost or broken, you still never lose them! Once you replace your tablet and log in, not only will all your patterns be restored, even your pattern progress, order history and more will be restored!

Patterndipity tracks the progress of your project in real time as you are working through the pattern. Tracking of round/row stitch location for one or multiple projects simultaneously. We eliminate the use of outdated methods of progress tracking and make crafting on-the-go effortless and easier than ever before. You’ll never have to worry about losing your place again!

We even have an optional hands-free foot-pedal that can be purchased to make the tracking even easier and more enjoyable for the die-hard crafters who knit or crochet often, so be sure to check that out too!

This is the first technology product developed just for Knitters & Crocheters! That’s right, it’s just for US! This product is special and creates an experience that you will not forget. It’s about time that the technology industry caught up with our amazing craft.

Patterns Made Simple

Pattern Organization

No need to dedicate storage in your home for keeping patterns for future use. Label, organize and store all of your patterns in your Patterndipity library and have access to them anytime, anywhere! All your patterns in one place. Never lose a pattern or waste time searching for one again.

Your Favorite Patterns

Add your existing favorite patterns to your library with our easy-to-use software.

Going Green

Purchase and store the patterns you want instantly, in one easy-to-use library. No need to kill thousands of trees to print books and magazines full of patterns to get the one or two you want to use.

Pattern Protection

Patterns are protected, if you lose or break your tablet, just buy a new one, sign in, and all patterns/info will be restored.

Shopping Made Simple


One device with one account; to buy patterns and order yarn and other supplies.


Instant pattern purchases with immediate availability with the touch of a finger.

Pattern Bundles

Purchase pattern bundles with the touch of a finger. All bundles are instantly added to your library as separate patterns, each categorized automatically.

Project Supplies

Supplies are shipped right to your door. Every pattern has all of the supplies needed for the project attached to it by the designer, so all you have to do is tap "buy now" and all of the supplies are added to your shopping cart!

Yarn Conversions

Easily customize your project by switching out the designer-selected yarns for your own favorite brands or colors and let Patterndipity do the math for the conversion!

Crafting Made Simple

Project Tracking

Tracking of round/row stitch location for one or multiple projects simultaneously.

Hands-Free Progress Tracking

Hands-Free tracking with optional hands-free navigation pedal.

Reading Patterns

Make pattern font larger on the tablet.

Larger Patterns

Project the pattern to your larger TV screen to craft without straining your eyes.

Group Projects

Project the pattern to a conference room screen so the whole group can follow along.

Crafting On-The-Go

Easily bring your projects with you everywhere without the hassle of carrying paper patterns and manually tracking your progress.

Saving Local Yarn Shops

Orders are filled by a local yarn shop when in stock, in conjunction with our distributor to ensure timely delivery of all of your project supplies, while supporting locally owned businesses.

Craft Room

Craft room to keep track of all your tools and which projects they are currently being used with.


Have all your completed project photos with you, always visible to show off to others.

Designing Made Simple

Designing Patterns

Easy to use software makes entering your patterns; for personal use or for sale, easier than ever before.

Selling Patterns

Easily sell your patterns individually or in bundles. Our lucrative designer program gives designers full control of what, when and how much they want to sell patterns for and compensates you very well!!

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